Letter: Defending Stop & Shop

This letter is meant for Noel Gomez in response to his letter of Oct. 11.

You mentioned that Stop & Shop is a foreign-owned company, which is true at this time. It was not always that way. Stop & Shop began in 1914 as the Economy Grocery Stores company with the Rabinovitz family. In 1947, they became Stop & Shop Inc. It was acquired by Ahold in 1996. Stop & Shop came to Greenfield in the ’60s, when they bought what was then known as the Carpenter store owned by the Carpenter family. At that time they were still American born. They were American born and called Stop & Shop for 49 years before Ahold bought the business.

As far as hiring the elderly, at this time in our deli department we have one 82-year-old, two 73-year-olds, five in their 60s, and one in her 50s and three in their 40s. Yes, we also have young people in their 20s and late teens. You have to be 18 to work in the deli.

I don’t know when you last shopped at Greenfield Stop & Shop, but our prices are competitive. No matter whether you talk of Stop & Shop, American-born or Ahold-owned or about Walmart, they have one thing in common. They are like the Pac-Man game from years ago. Just as Pac-Man went along chomping up other Pac-Men so these stores continue to buy and sell other stores.

While Stop & Shop does not advertise its charitable work as the store across town does, we still do much for our town and charities and we also recycle and compost and do the right thing. Please do not claim Walmart as being better than Stop & Shop. Our members have much better benefits than their stores do.



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