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Letter: Who we are

The TEA party is nonpartisan; we are interested in, and will support, those candidates from either party who stand for fiscal restraint, limited government, term limits, free markets and policies that favor job creation. We represent the 50 percent of the adult population that “pays the bills.” We believe that they (we) have been Taxed Enough Already.

We are from all walks of life, all races, ages and creeds. We are a threat to nothing, except the power and the pandering pork barrel distributions of the entrenched professional political class. Don’t quote Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi to us, or about us; politicians like them, public “servants” who use their office to become multi-millionaires while in office, are the problem.

The TEA party has no problem with taxation that is used for the infrastructure of our nation: its roads, bridges, schools, fire, public works, police and national defense, THAT is not the problem.

We are also sympathetic to, and interested in helping those in our society who truly need help — mostly they need JOBS; however, we are not sympathetic to, or interested in subsidizing the “life-style” choices of those who really offer nothing to the state except another mouth to feed or who look upon the public treasury as theirs by right of existence, and whose votes are BOUGHT by political pandering.

The present administration is mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren and enslaving them with multi-generational debt. It has a socialist agenda and it seeks to rule a government-dependent population by regulation and executive order fiat.

It has to be stopped.



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