Letter: Disappointing presidency

It’s too bad that our president offered so much promise when running for election the first time. But the job proved to be too much for him. All he has proven he can do is glad hand stars and better his golf game.

He had the unique chance to bring this country together and instead drove a deep wedge everywhere he could.

He boldly lied to its citizens faces about the attack in Libya. He knew real time what was actually happening and lied to protect his re-election campaign. Just like he told the Russian representative: “I’ll be able to talk more freely after the election.”

He almost led us into another war when he vehemently declared the last two unjust. This one, as disgusting as it is, is a civil war. A civil war is one that is within a country, their problem. Obama most surely would have gotten us into it if he had his way and there was a lot less pressure than Bush had since 9/11 hadn’t just happened.

Instead of leading the people to be all they can be, work to help themselves, he would rather lead them to blindly depend on their government to provide. The ones who are dumb enough to be self-reliant and work for a living should pay for all of those that do not. I am not referring to the people who cannot help themselves or the seniors who have already paid the price of admission.

I could go on for quite a while because this president has really been a disappointment.


Jacksonville Vt.

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