Letter: Looking for answers

We own rental property at 114 Wells St., Greenfield. We have two rental units. We faithfully pay our taxes, permits, water/sewer bills each year. We evicted three notorious squatters from our second-floor apartment. These renters used false Social Security numbers to get in. They cleared police background checks by lying and deceiving us. They knew the system.

We paid thousands of dollars to a competent attorney. They got free rent for a year. In the meantime, they destroyed and tampered with furnace ($14,000), broke six new windows ($3,600), new floors and walls ($3,600), new plumbing ($2,000), new electrical ($2,100), new toilet ($600), new stove ($746), etc. Totaling over $50,000.

The Board of Health and building inspector involved and witnessed additional destruction. Over 50 calls to the Police Department and police reports of destruction, drug use, drug overdose, larceny, loud disturbance, trespassing, etc.

Police can’t or won’t find them. DA won’t prosecute, despite over 100 pictures of destruction. What is wrong with this picture? How can this happen to two retired firefighters from Massachusetts? Is the Town of Greenfield decaying? No morals? Sad, sad town.

Discouraged, discussed and need truthful answers.


29-year veteran fire captain, Greenfield Fire Dept.


eight-year firefighter, Erving Fire Dept.,

Ladson, S.C.

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