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Letter: Solving the Middle East

We could solve most, if not all, of the problems of the Middle East, simply by making Israel the 51st state of the United States. This would allow Israel to withdraw from the occupied territory and disarm. No one would dare attack Israel if it were part of the U.S.

We could move a few military bases from Texas to Israel just to be sure. Already all of the other Middle Eastern states have offered full acceptance and recognition of Israel if they were to give up the territory taken from past wars. The Palestinians would be left finally with a place for a real state of their own, and would quickly agree to give up their Right of Return and other demands that they have made.

But what if Israel said “no?” Then make them a financial offer that they couldn’t resist, like no U.S. taxes for 10 years, no more huge defense expenses. They would quickly become the richest state in the union.

All of the U.N. motions against them would be forgotten. Spend a billion or so on media to convince them to hold an election for statehood. They could even elect Netanyahu to the House or Senate, where he would quickly become leader of the tea party. It would save so much in money and lives.

But what if they still said “no?” Then make the same offer to Iran.



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