Indian food coming to Greenfield

Madan Rathore will open his Indian restaurant, "The Clay Oven," in downtown Greenfield in October. (Recorder/Chris Shores)

Madan Rathore will open his Indian restaurant, "The Clay Oven," in downtown Greenfield in October. (Recorder/Chris Shores)

GREENFIELD — Madan Rathore fell in love with food growing up in New Delhi, India — especially the way the combination of flavors acted like magic to open up his senses.

Now he wants to let others in on the experience. Sometime during the first couple weeks of October, he plans to open the Main Street door to “The Clay Oven,” an Indian restaurant filling the space left by the Brick Wall Bistro’s closing.

Rathore, 44, spent time in Greenfield during the early 2000s and recently returned after two years of working at the fine-dining Raaga restaurant in Santa Fe, N.M. This will be the first restaurant he’s run on his own.

He envisions the restaurant as being a place that everyone can afford to come to for very healthy, authentic Indian food. There will be vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options for customers and Rathore wants to connect with local farmers to use their produce.

And he hopes to offer a buffet-style set up for lunch so that people can come in and try out different foods before coming back and enjoying a dinner meal another time.

For instance, Rathore said there is a misconception that all Indian food is spicy and hot. In reality, he said, spices and temperature are two completely different things.

“Every single spice has its own texture, its own aroma,” he said. “We can make (the food) how people like — mild, medium and hot. But there are a couple of spices you still feel. There is texture (and) flavor.”

Rathore hasn’t made final decisions on hours of operation, specific food dishes or cost.

But he does know that he’ll be making the food in a large, clay oven shipped over from India. It’s both the namesake and the food production heart of his restaurant.

“This plays a big part in our cooking, this clay oven,” he said. “When I first started learning, I was so excited about the oven. There’s a special clay (so the) aromas ... can infuse with my food.”

Rathore is eager to open the doors soon and meet people in the community. He’s open to suggestions on what food people want to see included on the menu.

And he’ll be looking to hire some people to join his staff, which already includes cooks and managers he’s worked with in past restaurants.

“I want to support the town,” he said. “The town wants to give me their business. Of course, I need to give something to the town, too.”

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