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Letter: Speed trap

What’s with the big police presence in Colrain and their fancy new aggressive police car? I haven’t seen this police show of power anywhere in western Mass.!

Regular speeding certainly occurs along Route 112 in Colrain but only because of the absurdly low speed limits there. It’s 20 through the center and school area, but as we know many other logical towns limit these speeds around schools only during school hours! Strike one.

Then continue on 112 North and I believe it’s 35 mph (the sign’s down and of course you won’t see anyone in Colrain replace it until they get a state grant, right!) for the next 3 miles. 35 mph in a rural agricultural area, absurd! That’s the speed for a city! Clearly the speed is set to issue tickets. THIS IS A STATE HIGHWAY not a residential street. Strike two.

OK, so now you’re impatient and you hit the 45 mph zone for 2 miles into Vermont (where it’s 50 mph). Many people take the opportunity to pass now because of pent-up human emotions, and there it is, that aggressive urban-looking black and white patrol car better suited for the streets of Springfield, and boy is that car mad that you’d dare do 50-plus mph here. Well, maybe if you didn’t have to crawl up 112 at 20 mph, then 35 mph the drivers might chill! You have set this situation up in Colrain on purpose, I’d say.

What is it with this cute small New England town that it needs to act this way? It seems that 10 years ago you had that family police force and now this aggressive police force and unrealistic speed limits. Strike three!

Welcome to Colrain


Halifax, Vt.

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