Letter: I’m just saying ...

I’m just saying ... two Molotov cocktails, no matter how large, don’t take office towers down — highly skilled explosive experts do and the U.S. Department of Justice was silenced. A national health care system would be pro business and pro people and the U.S. Department of Commerce is silent.

I’m just saying, thriving local organic agriculture is a matter of national security as without bees we fight for our food and the USDA is silent as farms and forest make way for ease of development. The body doesn’t know what to do with GMO and nuked foods so it stores them in fat, obesity and auto-immune rates ballooning with their use and the FDA is silent. Alzheimer’s rates increase with electric field exposure, cancer with processed foods. Diet soda is habit forming, as hard as heroin to quit, killing many with stomach cancer. Hormone and chemically enhanced foods stimulate cancers, gender and cycle confusion in the human body and the AMA is silent.

Wi-Fi and cell microwaves make human canaries sick in the nerves, and the FCC is silent. America is being defined by its enemy as video games prepare young minds and emotions for the business of war. Profiting from suffering is morally bankrupt yet the faiths are silent. U.S. companies avoiding labor and environmental laws with out-sourcing, undermine U.S. law while their profits made under the protection of the U.S. Marines are moved to off-shore accounts, avoiding taxation and the people are silent. I’m just saying a government of, by and for corporations is not very talkative, and seemingly anti-human.



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