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Letter: False outrage

Who does the Obama administration think it’s fooling when it pounds the podium expressing moral and ethical outrage over Syria’s use of chemical weapons? After all, we supported Saddam when he gassed thousands of Kurds in his war against Iran in the 1980s. In Vietnam, we used napalm and Agent Orange; cluster bombs and uranium-tipped bullets killed thousands more in our misdirected attack on Iraq a few years ago.

The answer is not oil: we’re less dependent on Middle East oil than we’ve been in 50 years. No, the answer lies with Israel and its powerful American lobby. The whiney, manipulative, land-grabbing Netanyahu administration wants us to fight a proxy war on its behalf, and the Obama administration doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to speak the truth to the American people. With the anniversary of 9/11 upon us, we should be particularly wary of our one-sided Middle East policy and the capabilities of the enemies we continue to make by staying this course.



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