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Letter: Forget fish ladder

There was a report proposing a fish ladder be built on the Green River at the Mill Street Dam. This would be a colossal waste of money and if built would probably be removed within two years. The only benefit would be to the contractor who built it.

Why? Of the migratory fish coming up the Connecticut River, the largest number are the American shad and the sea lamprey are the ones most likely to use it. I don’t eat fish but I suspect there is some value to the shad.

The same cannot be said for the sea lamprey. After spending time in the South Atlantic, they come north to lay their eggs and then die. But the sea lamprey have problems unique to those migratory fish in our waters. They feed but attaching the sucker to other fish. See Wikipedia.com for more details.

If they enter the Green River, they will not only be seeking spawning groups but will need to feed. Any game fish in the river will likely be victims of their feeding. Those who have seen fish that have been attacked the lamprey tell me it is not a pretty sight.

While there are few reports of lamprey attacking people, those who swim in the Green River Recreation and Swimming Area will likely be “checked out” by them. I suspect those who swim/wade at the beach would not be happy with that experience.

Fish ladder? Think again.



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