Letter: Stop and go

Many tell us to “GO”; Get with It; Get Involved. That is fine. Also, “STOP” is sometimes good. Why do state and local governments install “stop” signs on the highway and streets? They may want motorists to share the roads. First it’s his/her turn; then it’s yours. Even though we all pay taxes to build and repair roads, no one has exclusive use. It’s our roads and streets. However, we are aware that police, fire departments, and ambulances have precedence. (And maybe plow trucks in winter).

We see folks going through stop signs as if they were decorations — nice to look at but generally ignored.

It used to be a $25 fine for failing to stop at stop signs. The town of Greenfield could use the money. But, they would rather you and I drive safe. Stop at the ding-dong stop sign, please.



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