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Letter: Drugs, schools no joke

In a recent letter, Mr. Wesley Blixt compared online learning provider, K12 Inc. — and by extension, K12’s teachers and school leaders — to drug addicts. It was a disgusting analogy. Drug addiction is nothing to joke about. Too many children today use illegal drugs. Some kids turn to drugs as an escape, often after facing negative peer pressure, violence or bullying in schools. Kids that go down this route eventually lose the desire to learn or drop out of school.

K12 is actually working with schools and districts across the country to help at-risk kids, including those suffering with drug and alcohol addiction. K12’s partnerships include after-school programs, community centers and juvenile facilities that provide education opportunities to troubled youth. In urban communities, K12’s Passport program is giving young adults who dropped out of school a second chance to earn a high school degree. Every day, K12 teachers and counselors — often working with social workers — are helping students repair their lives by escaping addiction, re-focusing on their education, and achieving a high school diploma. Thousands of students have graduated from K12-partner schools. Like many educators in America, K12’s teachers and school leaders are pouring themselves out to serve every child. They are champions. Our company honors and respects them, and I’m proud to call them my colleagues.

Online and blended schools provide families options and choices in public education. These innovative and safe school options are a life-saver for parents with kids who have struggled or failed in traditional schools. Parents just want choices and opportunities for their kids, especially when their children are facing serious challenges. K12 is proud to partner with districts and educators across America who are putting the needs of students first.


Herndon, Va.

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