Letter: Fire safety help

Recently, just as I was falling asleep, my smoke detector started beeping to let me know it needed a new battery. In my fatigued attempts to make it stop, it fell off the ceiling completely. Then it sat on a filing cabinet for several weeks. Every time I looked at it, I felt guilty but I kept putting off doing anything about it. Finally I started researching on the Internet, trying to figure out where my smoke detectors should be placed and what type I should have. There is a lot of information out there — maybe too much information. I was still confused about exactly what I needed to do. Finally, it occurred to me to call the Greenfield Fire Department and ask for help. It turns out they have a fire prevention specialist — Capt. Edward Jarvis. Capt. Jarvis generously offered to make an appointment with me to walk through my house and give me the information I needed. I learned that I needed combined photoelectric and carbon monoxide detectors outside of the bedrooms. In the stairways, I needed combined photo-electric and photo-ionization detectors. It took about 10 minutes for the captain to walk through my house and give me all the information I needed. I’m sleeping much better now that I have all the right smoke detectors in the right places. I really appreciate the Fire Department and the captain for their service and their time. I encourage others to get the help they need to keep their homes and their families safe from fire.



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