Letter: What’s with Colrain?

WHY must we continually destroy our historical buildings?

WHY would the selectman allow the Memorial Hall to succumb to a wrecking ball? Why no concerted effort to save the building through grants and other means? Buckland and Shelburne seem to be successful saving their respective town halls. And yes, Memorial Hall was called “Town Hall” for many years.

WHY is the Griswoldville Dam on the North River not repaired after Hurricane Irene took a portion of it out? Certainly, there must be funds (federal or state) available to rebuild a dam that is being used daily. Other communities have rebuilt after the storm in 2011.

WHY is the $2 million (did you get that figure?) Arthur A. Smith Covered Bridged closed to vehicular traffic? Certainly $2 million should have equipped the bridge to again carry cars across the North River.

WHY are there no traffic lines on some resurfaced roads one year after resurfacing is completed? Isn’t it a road safety issue? Shelburne seemed to be able to get the lines in place within a week of resurfacing.

Well, about Memorial Hall? I know the answer. Few care. For many people, historical preservation is a luxury. No! Saving the buildings of our fathers is saving our heritage. Thankfully, the historical society is still plugging along saving our history and our heritage. But even the historical society had to be started by someone who moved into town. So thanks, G. William Pitt. I am pleased you moved from North Adams to Colrain and beyond but thought Colrain’s history warranted preserving.

Recently I drove around my town and found an alarming number of houses and properties for sale. Why? What is wrong with Colrain?



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