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Kent/My Turn: A step backward

In this day and age where we are so technologically marveled by our creations, we have once again shown as a people, that we are no better in many ways than our ancient ancestors of eons past. One needs to look just simply how people around the nation are conducting themselves in post verdict actions across our great nation of the State of Florida versus George Zimmerman legal case.

The United States Constitution provides us with a very important right, “ The Right to Peaceful Assembly and Protest.” Let us please keep in mind, the word “peaceful.” While granted, that is not the exact wording, it the premise of it. We the people, who represent some of the greatest qualities of the world, have a responsibility to exemplify those qualities not just for the youth of today, but for all of those who both served our great nation in the past and present, making sure we have those incredible rights that many other countries will punish you for, up to and including death.

During the announcement of the verdict which was delivered by six female jurors selected from civilized society, as predicted controversy quickly spread across our nation from the deep south, through the Great Plains, over the Rocky Mountains, and all the way from sea to shining sea. For the most part, we are proud to be able to acknowledge that the majority of Americans conducted themselves in peaceful protest. No matter how one feels about the verdict in the case, they are to be thanked for conducting themselves in an proper, lawful, and adult manor. Unfortunately, there was as feared, a deep and darker side falling on our soil like a mist you suddenly drive in to unexpectedly going around a bend down a country road.

That mist of human darkness lowered itself to once again new levels in California. While there were some other altercations around the nation, what took place in California was down right despicable. In Southern California, violent protesters ran into a Walmart, plowing though innocent people, and then toppled over entire sections of racks and shelves of goods. Others were taking it out on vehicles, denting body panels and roofs. Finally, there were even people sitting at a bus stop that were grabbed and beaten.

Yes, we are marveled by all of our technologically improved lives, but while we have taken so many steps forward, we have shown that there are still many of us who are willing to conduct themselves like they are ancient barbarians with no respect for the innocent who had nothing to do with what they are protesting about. The final result, when you conduct yourself in that kind of manner, you are no longer somebody trying to send a message of discontent. Instead, you have become the very same monster that you claimed to be trying to draw attention to.

Keith Kent lives in Templeton.

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