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Letter: Defend democracy

Our democracy as become an example of the saying, “don’t believe what you see, believe what I am telling you.”

The NSA’s expansive surveillance system brought into the spotlight by Edward Snowden as shown that. This, of course, is only one example of what the so-called democracy as become.

In order for democracy to exist and flourish, every once and in a while there as to be a fight to preserve it.

The American people have for far to long avoided this fight, and are now suffering the consequences.

Thomas Jefferson once said something to this effect: That every 25 years or so the democracy must be renewed with a good fight. We are long, long, overdue! We need to renew our democratic rights with a fight!

The people have become apathetic, bought off with the promise of material goods to consume beyond their wildest imaginations, just 100 years ago.

“Follow the yellow brick they told us,” “over the rainbow skies are blue,” consume until your hearts content ...

Well, what we have done is consumed ourselves right out of democracy, so, that now the only democratic right we have is the right to choose among an endless array of material goods.

Now, when I speak of a fight, I’m not referring to a donnybrook, but one of protest that lets our leaders know we mean business. Nothing scares politicians like massive numbers of people in the streets protesting their policies.

We need to get into the streets, we need to do what Thomas Jefferson told us needs to been done every once in a while or otherwise the democracy we so cherish becomes stale and unresponsive. In fact, that is exactly state we find ourselves in now. They are listening to us, we now know, but not they way they should be.

Ask yourself this question: Do you fear government or do you think that government fears us?

One is democracy, the other is tyranny — which one to you want to live in?



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