Letter: Costly for our health

There is a disconnect looming between the Recorder’s forum page and the numerous Associated Press articles found elsewhere. The subject is the Affordable Care Act; aka Obamacare. Liberal Democrats sing the praises of such a wonderful and humane stroke of governmental legislation in contrast to the pitfalls and problems reported by the AP. In the early days, I remember President Obama telling the American people that the ACA “… won’t add one single dime to the deficit.” He said the bill for ACA will be covered by eliminating health care fraud found in other government programs, to wit, Medicare and Medicaid.

We knew we were in trouble when the president told us on March 23, 2010, that ACA would cost $940 billion in its first 10 years. After much massaging of the facts and figures by the Congressional Budget Office and others, we are now told that the ACA package may reduce our budget deficit by $104 billion!

How can this be?

From the March 20, 2010, CBO report of new taxes imposed by Obamacare:

1. Hospital Insurance Tax — $212 billion.

2. Non-compliance tax — $64 billion.

3. Cadillac Health Insurance Tax — $32 billion.

4. Medical Device and Insurers Tax — $107 billion.

5. Raising medical deduction limit to 10 percent — $104 billion.

There is more:

1. Reduce drug subsidies to wealthy — $87 billion.

2. Reduce Hospital DSH Payments — $37 billion.

3. Reduce Medicare Payments — $197 billion.

4. Reduce Medicare Advantage Payments — $135 billion.

5. Education — $20 billion.

The above report can be seen at: http://useconomy.about.com/od/healthcarereform/f/What-Is-Obama-Care.htm

Keep in mind, Medicare is NOT a give-away program; you pay for it through your taxes — until you die! Thanks to Obamacare, you will get $332 billion less of it.

Using Obama-logic, we should sharply increase ALL state and federal taxes; then we could live for nothing!



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