Letter: Better bus service

I would like to respond to a couple of the comments made by FRTA administrator Tina Cote in the June 29 article, “Petition calls for more bus service.” For one thing, she blames “rural funding” and, yet, even Berkshire County, which is, at least, as rural as Franklin County, has buses nights and weekends.

She goes on to state “Maybe if we can show the federal and state that we are consistently increasing ridership, we’ll get more ...” Seriously? Where there’s decent bus service, people leave their cars home and ride the bus. This can be evidenced, as well, from many of the comments on the petition, where many people state exactly that ... that if the service was better, they would take the buses more.

I mean, c’mon ... if a pizza shop owner was told repeatedly by customers that his pizza tasted terrible and his response was “Well, when more people start buying my pizza, I’ll start making it taste better,” how well do think that would work? Yeah ... not so much. Let’s get real here: Buses for the people! Nights! Weekends! Go green!


Turners Falls

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