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Letter: Climate change canary

Your June 26 article on local birds really hit home on the immediate effects of global climate change. Evidence such as this exacerbates the need to act quickly and efficiently when it comes to combating the greatest crisis of our time. Not only are the iconic birds of New England at risk, but all species on this planet.

President Obama’s speech on Tuesday gave hope to those of us who have been waiting for our president to take a stand on global climate change. We know what we need to do to tackle global climate change: clean up the largest sources of carbon pollution fueling the problem. And with the leadership of President Obama, we can make that happen. The EPA has the power to enforce stricter regulations on coal fired power plants through the Clean Air Act, and now is the time to use that power to protect our environment for future generations.

Combating climate change is a race against time, and a race we cannot afford to lose.


Environment Massachusetts


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