Letter: Bad choices

In his My Turn column, “Pushing for regime change: Syria embroiled in ‘proxy war,’” Mr. Donnelly rightly paints a picture of a very slippery slope the U.S. could find itself in by providing weapons to the Syrian rebels. There is no doubt that a portion of the rebel support comes from outside groups, many of whom are affiliated to Al Qaeda. It is certainly not the U.S.’s interest to have these weapons fall into the hands of those who are committed to our destruction. However, Mr. Donnelly fails to mention that the Assad regime is also supported by their proxies from Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Iran (Revolutionary Guard). Neither one of these groups has our best interest in mind either. Syria is currently the center of a geopolitical conflict that has few, if any, upsides for the U.S. I wish I could come up with an easy solution, but I’m afraid we have only bad choices.



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