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Letter: This is crazy

What is wrong with this country? Anthony Weiner, who texted pics of his stuff to young girls, is running again; that traitor in Fort Hood, Maj. Nidal Hasan, is still being paid; a Muslim terrorist (one of the two known Boston bombers), who also received welfare, is allowed to be buried on U.S. soil. Meanwhile, the prez, who is at the top of the food chain in his own party politics seems unaware of anything that is going on around him (see Benghazi, and the new IRS scandal). A disaster hits Oklahoma and within minutes a Dem, Sheldon Whitehouse, blames global warming (a political sham) and the Republican party. A kid nearly gets suspended for a LEGO gun the size of a quarter, but the “fast and furious” scam that has cost countless lives was a perfectly sound operation and requires no honest investigation. A pipeline that would run through an area criss-crossed with pipelines can’t be built because anything that could lower the cost of living and create a few jobs will send the ecosystem into a tailspin. Soon, if you have no health insurance, you will be in violation of federal law (you can now be heavily fined in Mass.) and subject to the whims of a piece of legislation passed by a room full of career politicians who didn’t even read it. Where is the freedom of choice in that? This all after a few years ago, then President Clinton commits perjury repeatedly before Congress and walks away without a scratch.



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