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Sticker soon to be needed at transfer station

GREENFIELD — Residents will soon not only be required to buy stickers for every trash bag they place at the curb, but will have to buy a sticker to use the transfer station.

The town will begin requiring the sticker, which will cost $5 and be good for two years, on Aug. 1. It will begin selling them on July 1. Stickers purchased this year will be good from July 1 until June 30, 2015.

A sticker will be required for every vehicle that enters the transfer station, so families from Greenfield and Leyden with more than one vehicle will have to buy a sticker for each vehicle they plan to take into the transfer station.

Department of Public Works officials said one of the problems they’ve run into is users telling staff that they don’t have any identification on them, but claiming they are Greenfield residents.

Janine Greaves, the town’s recycling coordinator, said when the DPW staff is very busy, it makes it difficult to make a decision about whether to charge someone who doesn’t have identification on them the resident or nonresident rate, which, in turn, increases wait times for other users.

Stickers must be purchased at the town’s Department of Public Works office in Town Hall on Court Square.

Beginning Aug. 1, residents must permanently display the sticker on the bottom of their windshield on the driver’s side, and if the sticker is not displayed on and after that date, non-resident rates will be charged.

Current disposal rates will not change at this point, said Greaves.

Shortening wait times

She said there have been numerous inquiries about wait time when people arrive at the transfer station, but also about why receipts are not given and why non-residential rates have not been enforced.

Greaves said after a thorough review was performed by DPW staff and supervisors, the idea for vehicle stickers was suggested and approved.

She said people using the transfer station should also sort items for disposal while loading their vehicles.

Transfer station staff must look at what people bring in to decide how much to charge them. If the load is mixed, it is difficult to determine what is being disposed of and takes a greater amount of time, thus increasing wait times, said Greaves.

She said people using the transfer station should wait for a receipt. She said the cash register will print one out and it will show what was disposed of and what the charge was to the resident. The DPW has posted a new sign at the transfer station to remind users to wait for a receipt.

For more information, call the DPW at 413-772-1528 or visit: www.townofgreenfield.org.

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