Letter: Avoiding sin

Women must be held without anything that debases them; not as the slavish image of sexual excitement shown on the TV screen. Girls must search for an ideal to come to terms with changes in their own life and attitudes.

Becoming adults under the guidance of good parents and church, they will become capable of addressing issues of national importance with intelligence and with a personal philosophy and understanding of what is best for our country and themselves.

All must identify with the Spirit of Life in order to overcome a decadent nation. Equipped with right knowledge they are able to speak truthfully to audiences of every belief. If not truths of love speech “is no more than a noisy gong or a clanging bell.”

Women may be attracted to women; men to men, but if they cross the line to perverted sex, they do not love. It is wrong (absolute) to do sexual acts with one another. This is called sin.

In Christian, churches through holy matrimony, a sacrament, man and woman are vowed together until death do they part. This union creates children the natural way. With the help of God, the marriage remains an holy one.

One must be schooled in the precepts of religious belief in order to keep these vows. Parents who ignore this teaching keep their children in darkness.


Shelburne Falls

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