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Letter: Go back in time

Regional war in the Middle East has a whimsical solution.

It is difficult enough to restore peace to a war torn country let alone a regional conflict that spans several nations at once. U.N. peacekeepers would be at a disadvantage, to say the least, in any effort to try to stabilize the borderless sectarian war that has now engulfed the entire Middle East.

Much like the World War II, the United States is slow to get involved, but must take necessary action eventually. And the unsettling occurrences in that part of the world are a monumental threat to Israel’s existence, which the U.S. has vowed to defend.

Genocide is a given no matter which side may gain the upper hand between Sunni and Shia ethnic and geopolitical backgrounds.

Bordering on satirical and sarcasm, my only foreseeable remedy for solving this crisis is for inventors to come up with a time machine and to turn the clock back to before our pre-emptive strike on Iraq — which unleashed the sectarian divide — and to concentrate fully on Afghanistan. Other than that, there is no solution!



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