Letter: Sweet stuff

Curious to see our delirious (lefty) State Legislature pass a new regulation for ice cream vendors. Well intentioned, I may add.

Except, in Massachusetts, it now takes more identification and documentation for a person to work on a Ding-Dong ice cream truck than to vote for the president of the United States.

You can’t make this stuff up, sometimes.



Dear Mr Bates, I am sure you are aware of what an ice cream truck driver does. They drive up and down our neighborhoods selling ice cream to hundreds of children, teenagers and some adults. They are in contact with many youngsters. It is important that these drivers are vetted promperly in order to keep kids safe from criminals. This type of security is hardly needed when voting for a president. Please do not confuse proving you are a citizen in order to vote, with proving you are, or are not, a criminal working around children. Your use of the phrase "delirious (lefty)" is an indication of the level at which you choose to debate issues. I was taught a person who resorts to name calling does so because they are unable to add anything intellegent to the conversation. Your point can be made without insulting others. You know what is said, if you don't like it here.... move.

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