GHS class celebrates years together as family

  • Graduates seated

    Graduates seated

  • Musical selcetion by the Senior Music Sutdents

    Musical selcetion by the Senior Music Sutdents

  • Motoarboard


  • Graduates seated
  • Musical selcetion by the Senior Music Sutdents
  • Motoarboard

GREENFIELD — Student speakers at Sunday’s Greenfield High School graduation said the 74 seniors were not just classmates, but family.

“I could go up and down the aisle and find a friend in everyone wearing green and white,” said class valedictorian Michael Duclos.

During the hour-long afternoon ceremony on the Greenfield Community College lawn — which was punctuated by both thunderous applause and actual thunder — students looked with fondness on their years together. Both Duclos and salutatorian Daniel Larvey highlighted some of the students’ accomplishments as well as their own academic rivalry they shared.

And Vice President Luke Toritto congratulated his classmates for sticking with the school system during the 2008 financial crisis and School Choice exodus.

“The students in this class are the ones who toughed it out. This may be the greatest achievement of our class,” he said.

But, like most graduations, the focus was not only on the past — but ahead toward the years to come.

“Developing into the person you want to be is a struggle,” said Principal Donna Woodcock, who urged the students to always listen to their “inner voice” for guidance.

And Duclos likened life to a book — where students controlled what went into the main text, but could not write the afterword.

“Novels do not become classics until someone is moved by them,” he said. “Every day of your life is a chance to prompt a new view of your biography.”

Superintendent Susan Hollins thanked the school board, faculty and staff across the department, including retiring music director Paul Calcari — who led Greenfield students for the final time on Sunday.

Scholastic Excellence

Valedictorian: Michael Duclos

Honors: Jocelyn Adorno, Svitlana Lyvytska, Kenzie Wadman, Zachary Bartak, Charymar Muniz Vazquez, Sarah Wallitis, Elise Brown, Emma Rodriguez Barrios, Austin Wheeler, Jeffrey Jackson, Alanya Spear, Annika Zimmerman, Michael Lively.

Salutatorian: Daniel Larvey

Highest Honors: Michael Duclos, Rahul Malik, Daniel Larvey, Aliona Olaru.

High Honors: Elani Balis, Igor Federyuk, Khrystal Smith, Kellie Beres, Tameka Hebert, Luke Toritto, Josh Brandl, Yelitza Rosario-Santiago.

National Honor Society

Jocelyn Adorno, Charymar MunizVazquez, Elani Balis, Aliona Olaru, Zachary Bartak, Emma Rodriguez Barrios, Kellie Beres, Yelitza Rosario-Santiago, Elise Brown, Khrystal Smith, Michael Duclos, Alayna Spear, Tameka Herbert,, Luke Toritto, Michael Lively, Sarah Wallitis, Svitlana Lyvytska, Austin Wheeler, Rahul Malik,Annika Zimmerman.


Tory Lynn Adams, Jocelyn Adorno, Megan Amanda Atherton, Elani Chris Balis, Zachary Edward Bartak, Kellie Marie Beres, Joshua Stetson Brandl, Elise Emma Brown, Joni Rose Chapin, Nicole Laurette Claine, Jameson B. Clevenger, Mark D. Conant, Wilmarie Cruz-Baez, Dustin Michael Cutler, Viorica V. Darii, Maksim F. Darmanchev, Rhaymar Alexander Diaz-Santiago, Kelsi Siobhan Donahue and Michael M. Duclos.

Steven Paul Duclos, Charlae Antoinette Ely, John M. Estabrook, Igor G. Federyuk, Ashley Fortin, Kyle B. Freitag, Tameka Leigh Hebert, Matias Ignacio Hernandez, Siena Alexandra Isotti, Jeffrey Michael Jackson, Adam Michael Jacques, Justin Johnson, Chelsea Violet Johnston, Emma Louise P. Knight, Kristina Elizabeth Kowal, Daniel F. Larvey, MarieJoe Lauture, Michael Robert Lively and Iryna Lyvytska.

Svitlana I. Lyvytska, Rahul Malik, Michael Gerald-Steven Meyers, Tyler Lawrence Miller, Analise Rebecka Montague, Cassidy Autumn Moran, Charymar Muniz Vazquez, Tylor Lee Narkewicz, Brandon Lee Negron, Mariah Alyssa O’Malley, Aliona C. Olaru, Molly Crystal Osowski, Jason Robert Penfield, Paul Henry Phillips, Megan Barbara Prothero, Kevin Michael Ramos-Rodriguez, Kaitlan Jeanette Rice, Emma Tairi Rodriguez Barrios and Jaqueline Oralia Rodriguez.

Yelitza J. Rosario-Santago, Ryan Joseph Sieber, Khrystal Dyanna Smith, Alayna Christine Spear, Colen Branden Stack, Colby Reece Steele, Adam Suchanek, Luke Andrew Toritto, Fernando Vega Jr., Kenzie Nichelle Wadman, Sarah Elizabeth Wallitis, Casey Michael Wallner, Genevieve Veronica Wentzel-Smith, Jessica Ann Westerman, Austin Lee Wheeler, Brigitte Madeline Wren and Annika Elaine Zimmerman.


Smith College Book Award: Manisha Malik.

Saint Michael’s College Book Award: Riley Phelps and Madeline Billiel.

Wellesley College Book Award: Eleni Diakolambrianos.

Mount Holyoke College Book Award: Alexis Silk.

Silver “G” Awards For Service To The School Community: Elise Brownm, Tameka Hebert, Michael Duclos, Luke Toritto, Steven Duclos, Austin Wheeler.

The U.S. President’s Educational Silver Awards: Elani Balis,Svitlana Lyvytska, Kenzie Wadman, Elise Brown, Charymar Muniz, Austin Wheeler.

The U.S. President’s Educational Gold Awards: Jocelyn Adorno, Tameka Hebert, Yelitza Rosario-Santiago, Zachary Bartak, Jeffrey Jackson, Khrystal Smith, Kellie Beres, Daniel Larvey, Alayna Spear, Joshua Brandl, Michael Lively, Luke Toritto, Michael Duclos, Rahul Malik, Sarah Wallitis, Igor Federyuk, Aliona Olaru, Annika Zimmerman.

Four Year Achievement Awards:

Construction Technology Book Award, Tyler Miller.

Woodworking Technology Book Award, John Estabrook.

English Department Book Awards-College Prep., Emma Rodriguez.

English Department Book Awards-Advanced Placement, Daniel Larvey.

Film/TV Studio Management Book Award, Casey Wallner.

Foreign Language Department French Book Award, Michael Duclos.

Foreign Language Department Spanish Book Award, Annika Zimmerman.

Mathematics Department Book Award, Michael Duclos

Music Department National Choral Award Steven Duclos.

Music Department National Choral Award, Svitlana Lyvytska.

Music Department John P. Sousa Award, Dustin Cutler.

Music Department Arion Medal, Jeffrey Jackson.

Phys. Ed.& Wellness Department Book Award -Boy, Colen Stack.

Phys. Ed.& Wellness Department Book Award -Girl, Svitlana Lyvytska.

Science Department Dalton Chemistry Award, Yelitza Rosario-Santiago.

Science Department Book Award, Luke Toritto.

M. Ross Burns Memorial Book Award, Jocelyn Adorno.

Social Studies Department Book Award-Adv.Placement, Daniel Larvey.

Social Studies Department Book Award-US History 2, Elani Balis.

Principal’s Student Achievement Awards, Yelitz Rosario-Santiago.

DAR Good Citizenship Award, Luke Toritto.

Tristan Molongoski Achievement Award, Genevieve Wentel-Smith.

American Legion School Award: Jeff Jackson and Khrystal Smith.

United States Marine Corps Awards: Distinguished Athlete Award (Male)Michael Duclos; Distinguished Athlete Award (Female), Aliona Olaru; “Semper Fidelis” Award For Musical Excellence, Jeffrey Jackson; “Semper Fidelis” Award For Musical Excellence, Kenzie Wadman; Scholastic Excellence Award, Michael Duclos.

Varsity Trophy, Michael Duclos.

Sears Roebuck Trophy, Tylor Narkewicz.

Paul Ainsworth Memorial Hockey Trophy, Michael Duclos.

GHS Field Hockey Award: Tylor Narkewicz.

The Stephen Golosh Memorial Football Award: Zachary Bartak.

Thomas Suchanek Athletic Scholarship Fund: Elani Balis, Kaitlan Rice, Elise Brown, Rahul Malik, Colen Stack, Michael Duclos, Aliona Olaru, Austin Wheeler, Luke Toritto.

GHS Basketball Boosters, Aliona Olaru.

GHS Basketball Boosters, Tyler Miller.

The Michelle Dupont Memorial Scholarship Award: Elani Balis.

The Joseph Dziekonski Memorial Football Award: Steven Duclos.

Bete Fog Nozzle/Caddie Consulting Ice Hockey Scholarship Award: Michael Duclos.

Greenfield Girls Softball Assoc., Elise Brown.

Massachusetts Horatio Alger Scholarship Award: Jocelyn Adorno.

Rebekah Assembly of Massachusetts Scholarship: Jocelyn Adorno.

Greenfield Lodge of Elks No. 1296 Award: Aliona Olaru.

Lion’s Club of Greenfield Award: Elise Brown.

Greenfield Kiwanis Club William A. Carlson Scholarship: Aliona Olaru, Michael Duclos, Jocelyn Adorno, Luke Toritto, Rahul Malik.

Franklin County Rotary Club: Genevieve Wentzel-Smith.

Gretchen S. Watson Scholarship: Sarah Wallitis.

“Three County Fair” Award: Elani Balis.

Robert F. Casey Memorial Award: Kellie Beres, Aliona Olaru, Rahul Malik.

Ronald A. Graves Memorial Award: Igor Federyuk.

Student Council Scholarship: Dustin Culter.

Nancy Mauri Robertson Memorial Award: Emma Rodriguez.

Eye Care Specialties Award: Kellie Beres.

David M. Petrin Memorial Award: Joshua Brandl, Michael Duclos, Cassidy Moran.

Alber Hearing Services Award: Elise Brown.

Donald Vetterling Memorial Award: Jocelyn Adorno.

Richard Russo English Writing Scholarship: Kellie Beres.

Donald Vetterling Memorial Award: Jocelyn Adorno.

Gail Steinbring Memorial History Award: Kellie Beres.

Donald Vetterling Memorial Award: Jocelyn Adorno.

Louis J. Bush Science Award: Josh Brandl.

Weymouth Science Fund Award: Michael Duclos.

Jonathan W. Malloy Memorial Award: Michael Duclos.

Franklin First FederalCredit Union Award: Jocelyn Adorno.

Maureen Carey Smith Memorial Award:, Elise Brown.

Scott K. Woodcock Memorial Award: Luke Toritto.

Greenfield Community College-Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation Scholarship Award: Meghan Prothro.

Gary Bitzer Memorial Music Award: Kenzie Wadman.

G.H.S. Memorial Music Awards: Jameson Clevenger, Dustin Cutler, Charlae Ely, Kenzie Wadman, Svitlana Lyvytska.

Greenfield Education Association Awards: Kellie Beres.

Barney & Evelyn K. Michelman Awards: Steven Duclos, Michael Duclos, Tameka Hebert, Daniel Larvey, Svitlana Lyvytska, Aliona Olaru, Rahul Malik, Kenzie Wadman, Cassidy Moran,Yelitza Rosario-Santiago, Colen Stack, Alayna Spear.

Greenfield High School Award: Luke Toritto.

Abigail and John Adams Scholarship Awards: Jocelyn Adorno, Steven Duclos, Aliona Olaru, Zachary Bartak, Igor Federyuk, Yelitza Rosario-Santiago, Kellie Beres, Tameka Hebert, Khrystal Smith, Joshua Brandl, Jeffrey Jackson, Alayna Spear, Nicole Lauretta, Daniel Larvey, Luke Toritto, Dustin Cutler, Michael Lively, Sarah Wallitis, Michael Duclos, Rahul Malik, Annika Zimmerman.

A.K. Warner Fund Scholarship: Jocelyn Adorno, Aliona Olaru, Genevieve Wentzel-Smith, Rahul Malik, Kaitlan Rice.

Wells Trust Awards: Jocelyn Adorno, Jeffrey Jackson, Kaitlan Rice, Zachary Bartak, Adam Jacques, Yelitza Rosario-Santiago, Kellie Beres, Daniel Larvey, Luke Torrito, Joshua Brandl, Tyler Miller, Genevieve Smith-Wentzel, Elise Brown, Cassidy Moran, Annika Zimmerman, Michael Duclos, Aliona Olaru.

Community Foundation Of Western Mass.: Elani Balis and Rahul Malik.

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