Kimball/My Turn: Capitalism not at fault

Having just read the latest installment of philosophical bushwa of Mr. Jim Culleny containing the usual combination of God, faulty philosophy and quotes from some liberal publication, I am prompted to reply to his faulty premise on Karl Marx and capitalism.

There certainly is an entity “sucking the marrow out of the masses” as Mr. Culleny claims, but it has little to do with a long-since-bridled capitalism. That sucking sound you hear is emanating from Washington, D.C. Those hacks whose hands are connected to the reins on the bridle of capitalism are those of a predominantly liberal government, whose answer to everything is more spending, more taxes and more costly regulation. As a result, government has insinuated itself into almost every facet of our lives and still wants even more control to secure their rule. Shockingly, this is what we the people wanted, as evidenced by the 2012 (51 percent) landslide election of President Obama.

Before he was president, Obama, the quintessential Chicago politician, indicated in a debate with Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton during the 2008 primaries that he would “raise taxes on the rich” if elected, even though doing so has historically “reduced government revenues.” If this position seems counter-intuitive to you, Obama explained his rationale. He would raise taxes on the rich because it was “fair.” How’s that working for you?
This snake oil salesman told us that he would bring down health care premiums by $2,500 for a typical family and that his administration would be the most transparent ever.
Well, he certainly raised taxes on the “rich” because when everyone’s taxes go up, the rich have to be in the mix somewhere (don’t they?) Not so much.
In an effort to circumvent “rich” people from hiding their money offshore or in non-taxable municipal bonds, he has had the Federal Reserve simply print more dollars. Printing more money devalues the currency and makes rich people’s dollars’ worth less than before. And if you think that your dollars aren’t affected by this silent tax of currency devaluation, you should think again.
As for the health care promise, that one has come true also, sort of. People are paying a lot less for it because their hours have been cut to the extent that they are no longer even getting company-sponsored health care. Those desiring it can’t even afford to buy it on their own because their hours have been cut. It’s a Catch-22 and consequently, they save a ton of money on their previous premiums by NOT BEING ABLE TO AFFORD HEALTH CARE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Living up to the promise of “most transparent administration ever” was probably not as successful as it could have been, realizing, even as I do, that the emperor has no clothes. This transparency is beginning to change a little in the second term but not because Obama wants to be more transparent and not because the press wants to report anything negative about this guy; this publication is no exception. When it comes to printing something unflattering about this guy in this publication, what do you hear? Crickets or essentially “move along folks — nothing to see here.”

Capitalism is the engine that drives the global economy. It creates jobs and opportunity. The government, contrary to popular belief, does not create jobs except by fiat. The current administration has done nothing but inhibit private-sector growth and increase unemployment through its restrictive and confiscatory policies all in the name of “fairness.”

If capitalism creates rich people, and it does, thank God, so be it. There’s nothing wrong with being rich. There are always going to be rich people. I don’t hate them even though this paper would have you believe conservative rich people are evil and, if pressed on the matter, I’m sure Mr. Culleny and the editors of this publication would think rich progressives like George Soros and Warren Buffet are just fine and dandy.
Truly, I don’t blame rich people for trying to save their money. Let’s be honest. If you were rich and saw the government trying to come and take what you earned, you’d find ways to keep them from taking it from you.

Even rich, liberal people like Warren Buffet and John Kerry want you and me to pay more taxes, but interestingly enough, they don’t want to pay theirs. Go figure.
Maybe Karl Marx was right? Not really. If you don’t believe me, compare the nighttime satellite photo of Marxist North Korea and capitalist South Korea and you decide.

Russ Kimball lives in Greenfield.

Funny how folks like Mr. Kimball are "outraged" by Benghazi but remained oddly silent when there were over 60 attacks on American embassies with loss of life during the Bush years. Just the usual hypocrisy from the Republican Right.

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