Editorial: Storm damage

Brief thoughts on some of the events making news from around Franklin County and the North Quabbin area:

Dateline the region: Thunder and lightning is nothing new for Franklin County. Nor do we suppose is having a lightning strike do some damage. Despite all that, having storms Wednesday produce lightning strikes that damaged two houses — one in Whately and one in Shelburne Falls — seems a little out of the ordinary. Thankfully, no one was injured in either incident. And then there were the reports of golf ball-sized hail in Conway and even a tornado warning for the communities in the county. This kind of weather we could do without.

Dateline the state: The announcement by Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray that he is planning to step down from his post in a week or so shouldn’t really come as a shock to people. Murray, who will be taking over as president of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, may have once thought of succeeding Gov. Deval Patrick, but those dreams have been dashed by a number of issues that have recently been dogging the lieutenant governor. This included his crashing his car in an early-morning high-speed accident and his ties to ex-Chelsea Housing Authority chief Michael McLaughlin, who earlier this year pleaded guilty to federal charges over concealing his salary. His troubles aside, we appreciated Murray’s willingness to visit the county and other parts of western Massachusetts. And we wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere down the road Murray tries to revive his political career.

Dateline Rowe: Usually when a school is destroyed by some kind of event, there is an overwhelming desire by the community to rebuild. And while that was the case here, there was a surprising number of Rowe residents who wanted to slow the matter down. It is true that even with School Choice students, we can’t see the school population ever coming close to filling the building. That said, not having an elementary school to truly call one’s own does alter community life. And unless there was some sort of dramatic change that allowed Rowe’s population to grow significantly, it would be likely that there would be no building a school in the future.

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