Editorial: Time flies

We’re all familiar with the concept “time flies,” and we can easily apply it to today’s calendar — we’ve entered the last week of May and we’re wondering how the spring could disappear so easily.

But there’s another reason to lament the quick flight of time — and it’s very strong in many parents whose children are in the high school Class of 2013.

With Sunday’s commencements at the Deerfield Academy and Northfield Mount Hermon campuses, Franklin County has begun the annual two-week stretch of high school graduations. It’s an exciting time for the young men and women whose education has reached a milestone with this year’s graduation.

At the same time, it’s a turning point for both these students and their families.

As they walk across the stage and receive their diplomas, the members of the Class of 2013 are receiving a ticket that allows them to pass through the entrance to life’s ride. They may be headed off to college or the military. Others will enter the job market while others may be contemplating some grand adventure, setting their sights on travel or a break from what they’ve known to date. Some will run and some will walk — but all these grads are set to close the door on much of the past 12 years and move on.

But we suggest they don’t slam the door.

On the other side there are parents, siblings and other family members who are probably not moving at quite the same speed. As they, too, celebrate the occasion and the accomplishments of their graduates, they’re not quite as ready for the scene to change. As keepers of the mental photo album of their child’s life, the older adults are particularly feeling what’s happening since they’re just getting the past year or so into focus. And that photo album is stuffed full of baby pictures and of various moments throughout their lives, the triumphs and the setbacks.

It’s understandable that they may be asking “where did the time go?”

Of course, it’s not as if they aren’t proud of their young charges or don’t want them taking the next step. But high school graduation means a loosening of the reins that parents hold on their children and that can feel more than a little strange. Expectations are changing and that, too, is something everyone will need some time getting used to in the days and months following graduation.

So we say good luck to the Class of 2013, and advise them to seize the opportunities to better improve their life and the lives of the people they love.

And we hope they express their love and gratitude toward the people who have helped them reach this point successfully.

Even if time does go quickly, graduate, you will find that offering one’s love and thanks is time well spent.

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