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Letter: Human dignity

Inspired by a recent homily by the Rev. Wade Menenes CPM, evoked more thoughts on human history, i.e.: how can we bring about unity of mankind when so much disunity prevails? His explanation, long but revealing, relates to identity as a distinct phenomena in our nature which sometimes is in constant flux. For some, there is no right nor wrong, but for others, something to have nightmares over if one has breached one’s moral virtue. The liberal media, for the most part, support the prevailing government persuasions. Our human dignity is not supported by government either here or abroad, for they do not support absolutes of right and wrong. Ireland, once a Christian country now supported by government rule, allows abortion, and other dehumanizing practices. Here in our own United States, big government at it worse (law of the land) advances national priorities, then lets the states and powerful individuals and organizations figure it out. Minnesota just became the 12th state to OK same-sex marriage. The liberal media reported that supporters cited religion, faith, family members and friends helped shape their vote. Hogwash! They are not concerned about the right side of eternity, for even as this news is printed Vermont has passed “Aid In Dying Legislation,” which provides lethal medication to terminally ill patients who request it.

Consider what our youth face today without “the golden rule,” the grace of human dignity. Certainly, they must not succumb to this culture of death through progressive science and technology.

Older conservators see saucer-eyed youngsters spun into “tales of what you can become.” A recent Time magazine article related the growing hard data about “Millenials,” children of baby boomers who have become egocentric celebrities through technology addition without instruction of moral right or wrong. Their overlook may be sunny, but with advance of darkness as they age.

What of their human dignity and identity? Not many can stand alone when confronted by this liberal culture. Parents and churches must profoundly define their terms by educating both adults and children to a higher dignity and warn about slavishly following what is the accepted ruinous culture of today.

How does heaven and earth touch one another? Certainly not on a computer machine. The unity of mankind is found in the identity and belief of the author of us all. Dare I say GOD?


Shelburne Falls

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