Letter: A con job

In reference to the recent Shelburne town meeting, I have a few thoughts, particularly in regard to the Mohawk Trail Regional School budget. There was much debate about the increase to the 2014 school budget, which is about 48 percent of the total for the town. The voting body at the town meeting, 175 out of 1,200 registered voters (approximately), heard the Finance Committee and Selectboard’s reasoning for not backing the proposed budget. Then the superintendent and others urged us to pass said budget.

I think we have been bamboozled into believing we must continually bow before the money gods to provide proper education for our students. I hardly think this is the case. If we paid attention to where this money goes, we might have pulled our hands back and voted down this budget. It would be instructive to know what percentage of $1,782,074 is actually allocated to education.

Every year, it is the same thing. We are asked to pay just a little more; this year, 11 cents on the thousand, so students can have second year French and peer group education. I don’t see the administration willing to take a 1 or 2 percent decrease in pay to keep the budget within bounds.

What I would like to know is, when will voters take more interest in how their money is spent and stop being conned?



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