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Incumbents win town, school races in Montague

MONTAGUE — Voters have tapped Christopher M. Boutwell Sr. for a second term on the Board of Selectmen and incumbents Marjorie Levenson and Joyce Phillips for second and seventh terms, respectively, on the Gill-Montague Regional School Committee.

The School Committee race was close in Montague, with 340 votes for Levenson, 276 for Phillips and 249 for outside candidate Charles Kelley.

Gill and Montague residents vote for one another’s representatives on the nine-member committee. In combination, competition for the second of two seats came down to a margin of 20 votes. Levenson had 382 votes, Phillips 303 and Kelley 283.

The selectmen’s race was not so close. Boutwell, of 28 Sunset Drive secured a second term by a margin of hundreds, taking 336 votes to Matthew M. McMullin’s 76 and Jacobo Roque’s 55.

Both Roque and McMullin appeared elsewhere on the ballot, Roque winning an uncontested seat as a Precinct 2 town meeting member.

Polls closed at 7 p.m. on Monday but results were not available before press time Monday. Montague does not have digital tabulators and counts, and if necessary recounts, all ballots by hand, an undertaking that even with Monday’s low turnout had election workers counting until shortly before 11:30 p.m.

Turnout was 8.8 percent, with 504 residents showing up at the polls.

There was one other race on the ballot town-wide and two in Precinct 1.

Karen M. Casey-Chretien of 27 Union St. won a three-way race for a five-year seat on the Montague Housing Authority, with 303 votes to McMullin’s 66 and Richard C. Thayer’s 76.

In Precinct 1 voters had nine options for seven three-year town meeting member seats and selected Kathleen S. Burek of 4 Burek Drive, Marlyn H. Reynolds of 62 East Taylor Hill Road, Sharon L. Kennaugh of 118 Taylor Hill Road, Michael J. Langknecht of 14 North St., John L. Reynolds of 62 East Taylor Hill Road, Thomsa C. Kurtyka Sr. of 426 Turners Falls Road and Casey-Chretien. of 27 Union St.

All other precincts had one or more three-year seats with no candidates and up to three empty partial seats. According to the town clerk’s office write-ins must be contacted to accept these positions.

Winning uncontested bids for office, all for three-year terms:

■ Debra A. Bourbeau of 404 Millers Falls Road, town clerk.

■ Patricia A. Dion of 145 Millers Falls Road, treasurer and tax collector.

■ Teresa A Miner of 34 Highland St., assessor.

■ Albert L. Cummings Jr. of 9 K St., Board of Health.

■ Linda N. Ackerman of 86 Taylor Hill Road, Parks and Recreation Commission.

■ Mark A Stevens of 909 Fairway Ave., tree warden.

■ Juanita A. Caldwell of 358 Turners Falls Road, Karen Latka of 266 Turners Falls Road and Cynthia Tarail of 24 Center St., public library trustees.

■ John T. Muphy of 22 O St., Soldiers Memorial Trustees.

■ Precinct 2 town meeting members: Marilyn Kostanski of 434 Millers Falls Road, Lisa M. Adams of 4 Ninth Ave., Harold H. Jensen III of 25 Green Pond Road, John H. Mayrand of 14 West Main St., Jacobo A. Roque of 20 Bridge St. and Peter L. Golrick of 11 West Main St.

■ Precinct 3 town meeting members: Robert R. Fritz of 57 Millers Falls Road, Meghan E. Hastings of 92 Millers Falls Road, Kristi A. Bodin of 199 Turnpike Road, Edward J. Zewinski of 63 Montague St., Richard W. Ducharme of 1 Bulkley St. and Donald L. Valley of 57 Montague St.

■ Precinct 4 town meeting members: Boutwell, Ernest L. Brown of 12 Marshall St., Dennis L. Grader of 72 Dell St., Joyce I. Morin of 7 Kimberly Lane, Seam M. Crowell of 92 Montague St. and Steven F. Ellis of 6 Stevens St.

■ Precinct 5 town meeting members: Pamela F. Hanold of 62 Prospect St., John T. Hanold of 62 Prospect St., Stanley F. Dobosz Jr. of 29 Grove St. and Suzette L. Snow-Cobb of 179 Ave. A.

■ Precinct 6 town meeting members: John E. Tobey of 9 Depot St., Melanie K. Zamojski of 33 O St. and John T. Murphy of 22 O St.

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