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Letter: Proud reminder

Several weeks ago, I found myself shopping for a few odds and ends at the Big Y Supermarket in Greenfield. I had just paid for my groceries and was on my way out when this older gentleman who was bagging groceries stopped me. Apparently, he had noticed my veteran’s cap. He said, “Sir, thank you for your service to our country!” Now it isn’t everyday that someone refers to me as “Sir” so it tends to make me sit up and take notice.

It was at this moment that I experienced one of those rare high-speed flashbacks.

The Army recruiter had said to me, “Young fellow — Join the Army and see the world.” Several months later I was asking myself — How on earth does one see the world from the bottom of a mud-filled foxhole?

Back to reality ... I thanked the older fellow for his patriotism and was on my way. Upon exiting the store there was that familiar sound. Glancing up — Oh say can you see! There she was, Old Glory, unfurling on a light breeze. She’s big — She’s beautiful — She’s free. Just like our blessed United States of America. I knew at that moment that this was going to be a good day. I feel compelled to thank the folks at Big Y for hiring such polite and patriotic employees. I also thank them for being such dependable stewards in the care and maintenance of that grand old flag out front — She’s big — She beautiful — She’s free!


U.S. Army veteran

101st Airborne Divison 74-80


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