Letter: Northfield’s direction

I have been following the articles in your paper in regards to our town’s government and the forming of this so-called committee to evaluate how they can better improve our local government. I’ve grown confused about why we would need a committee to see how we can improve our government. Does this not send the message that we feel we are in need of improvement? To that I will agree. To another wasted committee to waste our town’s time and efforts, I would have to say “NO.”

In our town of around 3,000 people, we have a very low number of people who come out to the polls to vote and because of that, we are plagued with many people voting for people they know nothing about. This is how we end up with some of the “relics” we have who have been serving on boards, committees and commissions. It is the very people who are responsible for allowing our town to be dragged into the ghost town we are today. No gas stations; we once had a car dealer in town. We once had a drug store in town. At one point, we had two hardware stores. Now when you drive through town what do we have? Not nearly the thriving town we once had. Why? Because certain people in town government have felt it not necessary to help our town grow and instead have mothballed our town, but yet somehow they stay in office.

My solution to this problem would not to be to create another wasted committee, but maybe get some of the so-called “relics” out and start letting some fresh blood start to try to bring our town back out of its own little depression. Of course, ’cause my name isn’t spelled right or I don’t know the right people, this more and likely fall on deaf ears and our town will continue its whirlwind downward.



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