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Editorial: Spring patience

Patience is a virtue and when it comes to spring weather, New Englanders have to show an outward appearance of great patience.

We know that snow is still a possibility here in April, that you might go to bed at night with visions of crocus, daffodil or tulip shoots in the yard only to awaken in the morning to find they’ve been covered with a blanket of snow.

And what do we all tell each other? “It’s a spring snow, it won’t last long.”

The same sort of tempered optimism accompanies those pressure systems aloft that usher in still-cold Canadian air, rather than allowing the warm winds of the south and west to take control.

“What do you expect? It’s April. Let’s hope the furnace can finally be turned off come May.”

But there’s a tipping point, one where even tries the patience of even the most flint-faced Yankee — the opening of the baseball season in Boston.

It may be freezing at home, where ballplayers out for the high school team get their hands stung when they swing the bat and hit the ball, but everyone wants Fenway Park to be an oasis of spring: green grass, plenty of warm sunshine and temperatures mild enough that one can forego a coat until the afternoon shadows start covering sections of the playing field and seats.

Even if you’re watching the game from afar on television, listening to on the radio or making some connection via the Internet, you get a feel for spring — how it can be such a time of renewal, of fresh air, sunshine and a time where all of the disappointments of seasons past fade like the piles of snow that once dotted the landscape.

Sure, baseball is in full swing during the summer. But that first home stand in April is where we want to shake off the vestiges of winter and escape the frost and last season’s disappointments.

As the newspaperman and writer Pete Hamill one said, “Don’t tell me about the world. Not today. It’s springtime and they’re knocking baseball around fields where the grass is damp and green in the morning and the kids are trying to hit the curve ball.”

And so Red Sox fans are anticipating Monday’s home opener, where we’ll get a much closer look at a phenom in the making — Jackie Bradley Jr. — the defensive wizardry of shortstop Jose Iglesias and all of the others who make up the 2013 edition of the Red Sox.

And we’re all ready for spring to bloom and blossom, just like our Sox.

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