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Letter: The ‘store’ debate

I recently read an article that stated the large retail store fiasco was moving onto Superior Court. Frankly, I think it is asinine that this struggle has been going on so long.

I once wrote that my grandchildren would be my age before there would be a large retail store in Greenfield, but I’m beginning to doubt that — maybe my great-grandchildren — Nah!

At any rate, the comment in the article that upset me was Mr. Norman’s statement that “people are anxious for their Chinese goods, but they’re going to have to wait a little longer.” That is a demeaning, condescending comment from a man who wants more civility from the town’s boards. If the people who want a large retail store in town are only interested in Chinese goods, all they have to do is to go into any store in Greenfield, including Wilson’s, to find them.

I do not believe that there is a store in this town that does not have some goods that are marked “Made in China.” I honestly can’t believe he made a statement like that, although I do believe he did make one about cheap bras.

How about the fact that people who want a large retail store would like to be able to shop in one place for a wide variety of products at reasonable prices without having to leave Greenfield.

Maybe a parent or grandparent would like to pick up a tricycle, jeans and sneakers for their child or grandchild at one time without having to drive to Hinsdale, Orange, Hamp, etc.

We’ve had large retail stores on the outskirts of town before, and downtown wasn’t so abandoned that tumbleweed were blowing down Main Street. Why should they now? No stores were boarded up. Why should they be now. In fact, downtown thrives. Why shouldn’t it now? Even with a large store?



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