She wants an apology

Green Fields Market treated me like a felon. I was evicted while INSIDE THE OFFICE politely explaining how their discount system could be improved to make it fair. I was referring to an article that ran in The Recorder Good Life seeking older member-owner volunteers.

The store’s representative said, “co-ops don’t need to be fair” and evicted me from the office and store.

That afternoon, I began calling all the board members. I wrote letters and sent a letter to each board member. I sent a copy of that letter in with a separate letter to the management team. No apology!

The New Beet Co-op newsletter claims the co-op “will be an outstanding example of the Cooperative Principles and Values” and that store “Customers will have a positive experience with each visit.” I was shocked!

Since being evicted, I have spoken to many managers and store owners. All agree; they NEVER evict people for speech, just shoplifting. I spoke up because I expected the co-op to admit its mistake and begin treating its member/customers fairly.

Why does the store operate on the principle that freedom of speech must be checked at the door? I was inside the office, not in the store area, so why was I evicted? What are the store’s motives, intentions and objectives for evicting member/customers? What purpose does eviction serve?

Because the co-op claims to be community oriented and democratic, I never expected to be treated like a felon. I never would have paid to join had I known that the co-op did not intend to treat people fairly. Evicting people for politely speaking about something that doesn’t affect security only brings lots of negative publicity. The store is under new management, so I am writing this letter.

I still believe in cooperative ideals and principles, but often wonder how many other people have been evicted from Green Fields Market without justification.



He’s not ignorant!

To the person who thinks I am ignorant, and has all the answers, I want you to know I am a retired Marine, who took time out of my life to defend your right to have freedom of speech.

I see this case (the French King discount department store) moving to another court which to me is ridiculous because this developer should have this case go right to the Supreme Court, where there will be more than one judge. This has gone on long enough; this whole fiasco has turned into class warfare. Don’t pretend you care about the employees because you have over 100 jobs that you are preventing right here in Greenfield.

The town needs this store. There is nowhere for the people to shop, and as far as saying everything at Walmart is made in China, that’s a laugh, because the other day I was at Macy’s at the Holyoke mall, and my wife was talking to a lady who was going to buy a pair of jeans until she saw the price. She asked her to check to see where they were made and guess what: Made in China!

I don’t know why you are so ignorant of the fact that most of the people in Greenfield want a Walmart. The parking lot in all the Walmarts I go to are always full of cars. There are more reasons to have a Walmart than not to so have one, so get off your high horse and let the majority of people who want the store have it, and give the developer the OK finally!


South Deerfield

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