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Letter: FC Greyhounds

I am writing on behalf of the Franklin County Greyhounds Football team. I wanted to take a brief moment to showcase this unique, talented and dedicated group of athletes. The FC Greyhounds were accepted into the New England Football League in 2012 and had their first season last summer. Because they are a new team and sponsors were limited, a lot of the league dues, field costs and team expenses were purchased by a select few individuals on the team. This is a team made of up of men who range from ages 18 to 42. It’s full tackle, semi-professional football. They are not getting paid to play and have team dues of their own to be responsible for. Many of these athletes are in school, working one, even two jobs, have families to provide for and are making healthy life choices. These men play the game because they love it, they have a passion for it. One of the leagues players was even invited to the NFL Combine this year. As an athlete myself, the friendships, dedication and excitement that I see by watching these men practice, play and interact with each other is something I will be forever grateful for being allowed to be a part of. We are looking to begin our 2013 season and are having open registrations at GCC on March 23 at 6 p.m. I encourage you to visit the website, It’s time for you to “Run With The Pack.”



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