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Letter: Where I stand

In response to reader in Deerfield — Letters March 6:

I am not a denier. I think the phenomenon is real.

Is it a natural trend? If so, then we have no control over the outcome.

In your response, you decide to concentrate with arcane points on the last ice age, totally missing my point.

My original headline “Stop the fear mongering and hysteria” was changed by The Recorder.

Do we need to recycle? Yes.

Do we need to seek more efficient energy sources? Yes.

Do we need to protect our environment from business and individuals who want to pollute it? Yes.

How we as individuals react and live out lives in response to the phenomenon is what I was getting at. Let’s be rational, deliberate and measured going forward.

One thing I don’t believe in is the hysteria generated by ideology, money and political point of view (almost bordering on fascists).

I will not be intimidated or cowered into thinking “the sky is falling” or we are all going to perish from “global warming” suddenly one day in the next five years.

Al Gore is laughing all the way to the bank, to the tune of a net worth now over $300 million, surpassing Mitt Romney. How ironic is that?



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