Letter: Protect our health

I suspect that many Franklin County residents believe that biomass is dead. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The developer still has a building permit, in spite of the efficiency limitations imposed by the state. And it gets worse: the state is now considering lifting its 22-year-old moratorium on burning trash to create energy, even though the technology to clean the emissions from trash burning still doesn’t exist. This is not a good thing for our air quality to say the least. You might recall that in 2010, the Town of Greenfield overwhelmingly voted against biomass.

A new citizens’ petition asking for an 18-month moratorium on large-scale biomass and waste-to-energy incineration has been presented to the town. The Greenfield Planning Board and Economic Development Committee of the Town Council will hold a public hearing on this issue on March 7 (7 p.m. at 114 Main St.). The moratorium request will then go on to the Town Council for a vote in April or May. I strongly urge all of you to attend these meetings and/or make comments to the Planning Board, whether you are a Greenfield resident or a resident of a neighboring town (the air-quality impacts will be shared by everyone in the area).

This is your chance to make your feelings known about protecting our public health and well-being.



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