Letter: Well-reasoned column

I want to congratulate Tim Blagg for his column in the Feb. 25 Recorder titled “Within the Constitution.” He points out quite well, I believe, that our Constitution gives certain rights for citizens to bear arms, but not without limits. And the stakes are so high when bullets are involved! Ruth Charney’s My Turn in the Feb. 26 Recorder illustrates quite well the great risks of the availability — today almost unlimited availability — of firearms for “dealing with” emotional and impulse reactions to some of daily living in a society or family. One part of Tim Blagg’s column that I appreciated was his listing of some of legislature’s watering down of important laws to protect people, making such laws so weak as to make them useless, which was likely the National Rifle Association’s purpose.

Let’s make wise and effective laws — undiluted — and enforce them, if we are serious in reducing killing in our society. Of course, focus must not be solely on lethal weapons for that goal to be effective, but it certainly is an important part of it. Let’s also have an open and honest discussion in our communities as to how else to address the violence in our society. We, as humans, have the innate ability to care about and help and cooperate with each other. Let’s work harder to make those characteristics dominate our communities and nation.



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