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Letter: Taking a stand

As most of the public has heard, Mohawk Trail Regional High School is proposing to cut two popular classes, Peer Leadership and French. A group of concerned students and people from the community have rallied to fight this. I personally delivered a speech from the heart during the budget meeting; I wanted them to realize how much people care, how much these classes affect students. Peer Leadership is about instilling core values, teaching how to interact and addresses bullying. I took the liberty of viewing Mohawk’s Web page Anti Bullying Plan. I found two parts that would be void if the class would be cut. I wrote in my speech “Peer Leadership isn’t just a class; it’s a way of life.” Going to school not only enriches your knowledge in math, science, history and English, but should also teach us about being a valuable member of society, how to treat others. We aren’t just a school; we are a community that is about stopping bullying at its roots. Why take away a class that addresses this? I also wrote; “Life is about making choices, not the fast choices or the easy choice, but the smart choice. I believe in the power that Peer Leadership has. I believe kids who have gone through that class have made a difference. The kids in this school are your future. We need a future that has people working together so we can make the difference.” I’m concerned that we as a school are going down the path where we care more about money then the students in this school. Theodore Roosevelt once said; “believe you can and you’re half way there.” I believe in making a difference and hope the people in the community, and in our school will help me achieve that.



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