Letter: False hope

Feb. 14, State of the Union — no I didn’t watch it, if I wanted fertilizer I will go to a cow farm. The article reports Obama’s address as hopeful. I shudder to think what his despair would sound like. His “hope filled” answer to every situation has been bad legislation, and when even his own team balk he uses executive orders like playing cards. In four years, we have seen a sagging economy drop into a coma, record unemployment (using undoctored numbers), higher inflation and ever growing ineptitude in Washington as a whole. A few points as I see it: “citizen” does describe our legal status, the judgment of science on climate change is not overwhelming and if the economy is “recovering” why is the cost of living going up? Don’t forget, his energy plan includes limiting the sources of energy in the here and now. How many of his green energy plots have gone belly up at taxpayer expense?



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