Letter: Unique character

Having been the beneficiary of George Nelson’s unique character, I can remember his riding around with the skeleton in the back of his slip-in camper pickup.

I worked with George at Mowry and Schmidt in the 1960s and ’70s. Being young and leaning trades and having George as foreman made getting up and going to work exciting. He would show me how to pan for gold during lunch breaks, talk about the valley and it’s history, which was never discussed at GHS.

The Indian in the truck had a nickname that I think Jim Bernier had given it but I can’t remember, it may come to me sometime.

George was a great craftsman and a foreman for M&S, he also had a nickname that I gave him, we called him “Broken Arrow” but never to his face. Thanks for a great story, I always look forward to Gary Sanderson’s column.



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