Sunderland unveils possibilities for CPA money

Recorder/Peter MacDonald
Graves Memorial Library in Sunderland may get new windows.

Recorder/Peter MacDonald Graves Memorial Library in Sunderland may get new windows.

SUNDERLAND — The Community Preservation Committee may recommend $44,000 in repairs to the Graves Memorial Library and Town Hall.

The committee will vote on the proposals on March 13. The proposals would go before the townspeople for final approval at town meeting.

For $24,000, the Graves Memorial Library on North Main Street could receive 49 new windows. And for $20,000, the Town Hall could see internal and external repairs.

According to CPA Chairman Richard Lopatka, the paint is peeling and the plaster is failing in the Town Hall. There is also water damage inside the building. Most of the repairs would focus on an unoccupied room, which the Board of Selectmen hope to offer as storage space for committees and town boards.

The CPA fund is financed by a 3 percent property tax surcharge and state matching funds for protecting open space, providing affordable and senior housing, preserving historic assets and creating recreational land.

Both projects this year fall under the historic category

This is the second year for Sunderland as a CPA town. The town has $129,000 in its fund. It used $51,000 last year to pay for four projects.

In the future, Lopatka said, the committee would focus on three projects to connect the town.

“We’re cut off by Route 116,” said Lopatka. “These three ideas could connect the community in a town center.”

One project would create a historic district along North and South Main streets. This would include new sidewalks, trees and bike paths to restore the historic look.

A second project would use the land around the elementary school to create new walking paths and an outdoor learning center.

Third, the committee would like to use the ball fields by the Town Hall to make a new pavilion and accesses to the Connecticut River, such as docks.

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