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Letter: Not the answer

On Jan. 30, The Recorder ran a piece from someone named Daniel A. Brown. The article was about gun control and was full of the usual anti-gun double talk.

He states that the “NRA gun cult” would have us living in fear; this is obviously written by a man who doesn’t own a firearm, knows nothing about them and doesn’t care to learn. An armed citizen (licensed and trained) need never live in fear; these people are prepared to defend themselves. Only unarmed people (and by “armed,” I don’t only mean firearms but also martial arts, mace or any other means of self-defense) need live in fear.

“Gun fanatics” (paragraph 3) are accused of being obsessed with fear, violence and power. I would say that anyone who would strip away the rights of others who may not agree would be far more guilty of this.

Also, the shooters in all of these massacres were not “normal” by any means. They were insane. Daniel is correct in saying that you cannot incarcerate everyone with dark thoughts, it’s not yet illegal to be a disaffected loner with antisocial tendencies and untreated or undiagnosed mental problems.

Meditation may work wonders on some; I hope that it does. But for the rest of the world, those evil drug pushers “Lilly, Pfizer and Merck” can provide help for those who need it. Try medication when you have pneumonia, drug companies make those drugs, too.

Gun laws need to be updated and background checks performed, but out-of-hand dismissal of an entire industry and citizens rights is not the answer.



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