Letter: the real danger

Perhaps the most danger to the American people is not so-called terrorists but our own government’s policies.

Osama bin Laden’s assassination was a revenge killing, plain as the nose on your face. In that action, as I am sure as in many others unknown to the public, the rights guaranteed under 800 years of law were suspended. The right to face your accusers in a court of law.

Now if they could take the time to supposedly dump his body in the sea, they could have taken the time to bring him to a prison, hold him there, and then try him in a court of law. After all, it is what any so-called civilized society would do, right? Unless the claim to being civilized is dubious at best.

After all, how long could it take to convict a guilty man? Unless, of course, they feared as the FBI admitted many years ago, that they did not have enough evidence to connect bin Laden to 9/11. That they could not get a conviction if they brought him to trial.

So, what does that say? If we don’t have enough evidence to convict you and we think you guilty of committing an act of terrorism, we will just try and convict you at the end of a gun. 800 years of law trampled over, and civilization set back a long way, that is the consequence.

The shinning light on the hill it appears is dimming and not setting a very good example for the rest of the world.

If we forget our principles and we allow them to be put on the back burner for the so called greater good, what does that lead, too?

What does greater good mean, without our principles being held in the highest regard — not to be trampled on as matter of convenience? How can the world view us in any other way but as hypocrites and out right liars?

How can the world trust us to do the correct thing, when it seems they cannot trust us to honor even our own principles? Or to honor the foundation of 800 years of law.



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