Letter: Enforce existing laws

Here we go with more gun laws for law-abiding owners. Does anybody honestly believe that creating more laws on top of the 20,000 already there will make a difference in crime? It’s a tired argument but the truth is if the laws worked, there wouldn’t be any crime.

When was the last time someone actually did the MANDATORY one year in jail for a firearm violation? That law worked well didn’t it. Most of these laws are nothing but feel-good laws that look good on paper but do little to prevent crime. Now the politicians want more laws that won’t affect criminals, but affect law-abiding gun owners. Why should we be punished for what a criminal does? That makes as much sense as a speeder getting pulled over and everyone else that was near him getting a ticket also.

The revolving door for the criminal needs to be locked. The courts need to stop the plea deals and enforce the laws the way they were meant to be. That more than anything will make a difference in crime numbers. I has to be frustrating for the police to arrest someone only to see them back out on the street after some plea deal was arranged.

Enforcing current laws won’t stop all crime, but it will do more than what politicians are proposing in order to sound good. We don’t need any more knee-jerk feel-good laws. Just enforce what’s there and the difference will be seen.



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