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Letter: Selected hearing

If I had malicious intent and the required video skills, I have no doubt I could record any of Phill Grant’s sermons and edit it down to an 18-second sound bite that would misrepresent and humiliate him, just as the person did who posted Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s “God Damn America” phrase on YouTube, as cited in Mr. Grant’s Dec. 31, 2012 letter to The Recorder.

When I first heard the infamous sound bite, in 2008, my own intellectual integrity required me to find the entire sermon and listen to all of its nearly 40 minutes. Oddly, all the links to the full sermon have been broken, and you can only hear what Mr. Grant heard. Too bad he didn’t take the trouble to learn the truth four years ago.

The full text remains available at I suggest Mr. Grant read it and then give us the benefit of his informed opinion.

But you needn’t wait for the day when Mr. Grant admits he jumped to an erroneous conclusion. You can read it yourself.

Or you can go to Anderson Cooper’s summary of Rev. Wright’s sermon on CNN’s site and read an intellectually honest report.

If you do either, you will have an entirely different view of Rev. Wright’s sermon. And of Mr. Grant’s opinion.



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