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Why I won’t ‘get over’ the election

After a hard fought election, winners are usually credited with doing everything right and losers doing everything wrong and of course the party that lost is doomed forever!

Thinking about the past election, I can’t help remembering the barrage of “Hate Romney” and “Hate the rich letters” that appeared in this paper AFTER the election. Don’t these writers realize Romney lost? God help us what would they have written had he won?

Most anti-Romney letters fell in the categories of gloating or snake oil salesman ugly type comments.

It is this type of deep hateful discourse that inspired Broadway to produce “The Book of Mormon,” which was shown in New York City and other major cities. Some critics were positive about the show and others called it FILTH!

In reviewing other areas of politics, it must be remembered that in national elections Democrats run against Republicans. Period! Republicans must run against Democrats, biased major news networks, late night comedians, Hollywood and now even Broadway! MSNBC and Fox News cancel each other out! Anyone notice how major networks totally ignored Obama’s Benghazi, disaster before the election? Major networks wouldn’t even be discussing it now if it weren’t for the sex scandals.

Rich Democrats never were criticized as Romney was in our recent election. The big difference, I’d say, is Romney’s brilliant business talents allowed him to make his own fortune. The Kennedys, Kerrys and Roosevelts either lived off family fortunes or married into wealth.

Rarely mentioned or even discussed is that Romney never accepted his inheritance and instead gave it to others. He has always been incredibly generous unlike Obama’s 1 percent gifts to charity in 2011! Obama has several half brothers that to this day some live in absolute squalor! What about sharing his wealth?

Obama’s class warfare rhetoric has worked brilliantly. He has appealed to two of human nature’s most basic negatives. JEALOUSY and ENVY! It’s so easy to HATE THE RICH!

Then there are those local letter writers who sit in the woods, watch the birds and tell us how they hate Capitalism!

Do remember how Obama ended his campaign urging voters to “Vote for Revenge?” What a class act!

Turning to the Massachusetts Senate race, I do hope Elizabeth Warren’s supporters respond to her recent request for more donations to help her with her $400,000 campaign deficit. Scott Brown, on the other hand, has a half-million-dollar surplus. Don’t forget Warren had twice the money to start with than Brown. So who has been appointed to one of the Senate’s’ financial committees to fix some of our budget problems. HELP!

If Obama has his way with his “Sharing the wealth plan,” Brown should give his surplus to Warren — they’ll be even and all will be happy!!

Voters say they want Congress to be bipartisan. Brown is a moderate Republican who voted along with the lady senators from Maine who were always praised for working across the aisle. Warren on the other hand has already said she wants to rid the Senate of its filibuster powers, which allow the minority party to have some say. I hear she’s already sharpened her tomahawk to chop away at the filibuster! My way or else!

For all who are either sad or happy over the election results, remember the 2016 election will come soon enough.

Democrats seem to push for Hillary. She looks exhausted, has hair problems and her state department has been found to be the guilty party responsible for the Benghazi fiasco. Is she even interested?

Some Republicans and media are pushing for New Jersey Gov. Judas to run. Praising the work with Obama on the hurricane was fine, but the governor’s mushy, gooey praise was a bit too much and Romney has the scar on his back to prove it!

So for those who say “Get over it,” I say, “You get over it!” You continually throw out the uglies and when someone responds you do the piglet squeal!

Georgie Swinerton lives in South Deerfield.

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